Snowshoe - Shorthaired Cats

Seal and White point Snowshoe

Another recent American breed, the Snowshoe was developed with the aim of combining Siamese-type points with the white feet of a Birman – the latter feature earning it the nickname of “Silver Laces”. It has a modified Oriental body type, usually being larger and heavier with less extreme features, not unlike Siamese of thirty to forty years ago.

Three kittens of Siamese parentage that were born with white feet formed the foundation for the breed. Once a selective breeding program was established American Bicoloured Shorthairs were used to develop Snowshoes.

The Snowshoe has been described as having a sparkling, “bomb-proof” personality, ideal for showing.

There are two standard varieties of Snowshoe: the Seal-point has a warm fawn body, pale fawn stomach and chest, and seal-brown points; the Blue-point has a bluish-white body, a paler chest and stomach, and points that are a deep grey-blue.

Blue-point Snowshoe
Still relatively rare, the Snowshoe has only two varieties, the Blue and the Seal, that are recognized by American associations. Other Siamese point colors will undoubtedly be accepted in the future.

Picture: Blue-point Snowshoe

A medium to large, lithe, well-muscled type.

The fur is short, glossy, and medium-coarse in texture. The mask, ears, legs and tail should be a much darker shade of the body color, whereas the chest and stomach are paler. The feet should be white.

Medium in length and gently tapering.

Medium in length.

The paws are medium in size and oval with pink-and-grey paw pads.

A rounded, triangular shape, with a medium-length nose that is straight in profile and grey nose pad with high cheekbones.

Large, slanting, and oval, similar in shape to a walnut. The color should be bright blue.

Large and pointed, set wide apart. Ears tilt forward slightly.

Picture: Seal-point Snowshoe

Seal-point Snowshoe
The inverted facial “V” is a desirable feature.