Tortoiseshell and White Longhair - Longhaired Cats

Two views of the same Blue Tortoiseshell-and-White Longhair reveal clearly the random, but still more of less even, distribution of coloured patches. The coat is particularly long and flowing.

Known as a Calico in the US because its bold splashes of colour resemble the popular printed cotton, the Tortoiseshell-and-White is a Tortoiseshell cat with white patches in addition to those of black, red, and cream. Another female-only breed, the Tortoiseshell-and-White is not easy to produce true to type. The kittens are always appealing, however, and there is never a shortage of prospective owners.

Although the Tortoiseshell-and-White's origins are obscure, it probably developed, like the Tortoiseshell, from matings between longhaired cats and non-pedigree shorthaired tortoiseshells. It was accepted for championship in the mid-1950s. More recently, consistently good types have been bred by mating queens with Bicolour studs produced from Tortoiseshell-and-White.

This is a calm, sweet-natured, and extremely friendly cat.

The US standard for the Tortoiseshell-and-White differs from that of Great Britain, calling for a white cat with coloured patched, the white to be concentrated on the underparts. The British cat has less white in its coat and more evenly distributed patches of colour. In both countries, the Blue Tortoiseshell-and-White, or Dilute Calico, is a newly recognized variety that is seen at an increasing number of shows. The standard for this most attractive cat is the same as for the Tortoiseshell-and-White, but white blue and cream patches instead of black and red.

Tortoiseshell-and-White Longhair
It is not hard to understand the enormous popularity if this breed: bright splashes of red, cream, and black contrasted against white create instant appeal. As with the Blue Tortoiseshell-and-White, a facial blaze is desirable. All other features are the same, apart fromt he paw and nose pads, which are of broken colour. A cream or white blaze on the face is a desirable feature.

Round and broad, with a short nose and a pink nose pad. And full cheeks.

Large and round, either deep orange or copper in colour.

Small and round-tipped with well-tufted ears.

Facial Characteristics
Blue Tortoiseshell-and-White.

Blue Tortoiseshell-and-White Longhair
A dilute Tortoiseshell-and-White Longhair, this variety often appears in the same litter.

Solid and cobby.

The fur is dense and silky and is said not to mat as easily as that of other Longhairs. The colour is a mixture of blue, cream, and white patches. There should be no brindling or tabby markings.

Short and bushy

Short and thick.

The paws are large and round with pink pads.