Egyptian Mau - Shorthaired Cats

Mau or Miw was the Ancient Egyptian name for the divine household cat, and of all domestic felines the Egyptian Mau is probably the most august.

Cats similar to the Egyptian Mau go far back into history, particularly in the Middle East, and it is believed that the Mau is a natural breed originating in the area of Cairo. The Mau first appeared in Europe at a cat show held in Rome in the mid-1950s, and from there was exported to the US in 1953, with initial recognition coming fifteen years later. It is not recognized in Great Britain, where Siamese-derived spotted cats formally called Maus are now known as Oriental Spotted Shorthairs.

The Egyptian Mau is loving and playful, and is said to be good at learning tricks. It is one of the few breeds that enjoys walking on a lead.

There are five varieties: the Silver has a silver body with black markings: the Bronze has a light brown body with dark brown markings; the Pewter has a rose-grey body with black or brown markings; the Smoke has a pale silver body with black markings; and the Black has the same coloring as the Smoke, but without the white undercoat.

Pewter Egyptian Mau
A popular belief is that the Mau may be descended from the cat symbolized by the Ancient Egyptian gods of Ra and Bast, a theory that is given credence by the pattern on its brow that resembles the sacred scarab beetle, which is often found on the foreheads of cats depicted on Egyptian murals.

Picture: Pewter Egyptian Mau

Medium in length, graceful, and muscular.

The fur is fine and silky, but dense and resilient to the touch. It is medium in length and composed of hairs that bear two or more even bands of ticking. The color should be rose-grey with brown markings.

Medium in length, tapering slightly, heavily banded tail.

Medium in length, in proportion to the body. Hind legs are longer than the forelegs. Legs are barred.

The paws are small, dainty and slightly oval.

A slightly rounded wedge in shape, with a short nose. Scarab mack on forehead.

Almond-shaped and pale green in color.

Medium to large in size, set well apart, and moderately pointed. Ear tufts.

Facial Characteristics
Pewter Egyptian Mau.

Picture: Spotted Egyptian Mau

Spotted Egyptian Mau
The Spotted’s coat may attract thieves, so owners should be wary.