Siamese - Shorthaired Cats

Imperious, importuning, impertinent, arrogant, aloof, loud, vulgar, subtle, beguiling – a Siamese is all of these and more. With its svelte, “Foreign” build, its gorgeous pointed coat pattern and sapphire-blue eyes, this is a cat that demands attention on every level.

In Bangkok, the National Library possesses a collection of manuscripts, the Cat Book Poems, dating from possibly the fourteenth century, in which a Siamese-type called the “vichien mas” is depicted, and it is thought that similar cats lived in what is now Thailand for hundreds of years. Siamese were first imported into Britain in the 1880s, and the breed made its appearance in the US not long afterwards.

The Siamese is the most extrovert of all domestic cats, with a loud “voice” that is impossible to ignore. It is highly intelligent, and usually becomes devoted to its owner – to such an extent, sometimes, that it may not tolerate “rivals”.

There are four classic varieties: the Seal-point, Blue-point, Chocolate-point, and Lilac-point. Newer varieties, developed by mating Siamese with their breeds, are called Colourpoint Shorthairs by the main governing body in the US, but in Britain they are not shown separately.

Varieties Coat
Seal-pointWarm creamSeal-brown
Blue-point Bluish-whiteSlate-blue
Chocolate-pointIvoryMilk-chocolate brown
Red-pointClear white shading to apricotReddish-gold
Cream-pointWhite shading to pale creamWarm cream
White Tabby
Seal Tortie-pointPale seal-brownSeal-brown patched in cream
Blue Tortie-pointPale blueBlue patched in cream
Chocolate Tortie-pointPale chocolate-brownChocolate-brown patched in cream
Lilac Tortie-pointPale pinkish-greyPinkish-grey patched in cream

Lilac-point Siamese
The first Siamese to be imported into England are believed to have been a gift to the British Consul from the court of Siam. Today, the breed looks slightly different from those nineteenth-century examples, having a less round face and a paler coat. The Lilac was the last of the four classic varieties to be recognized.

Picture: Lilac-point Siamese

Medium in size, long lithe, and svelte, with an athletic appearance.

The fur should be short, fine-textured and glossy. The color should be magnolia with frosty-grey shading on the “points” – the mask, ears, legs and tail.
- Fur should be close-lying.

Long, thin, and tapering. Tail should be free of kinks.

Long and slim, in proportion to the body. Hind legs are slightly longer than the forelegs.

The paws are dainty, small, and oval with lavender-pink paw pads.

Wedge-shaped, long and narrow, with a long nose and lavender-pink nose pad.

Medium in size, almond-shaped, slanted, and sapphire-blue in color. Crossed eyes, which were once commonly seen in Siamese are regarded as fault.

Large and pointed.

Facial Characteristics
Lilac-point Siamese.

Picture: Seal-point Siamese

Seal-point Siamese
The first variety to be recognized, the Seal-point is genetically a black cat where the pigment has been watered down and restricted to the extremities of the body.

Picture: Seal-point Kitten

Seal-point Kitten
Siamese kittens are born all-white, without points.

Picture: Chocolate Tabby-point Siamese

Chocolate Tabby-point Siamese
A variety with an ivory-coloured body and points broken up by milk-chocolate bars separated by a lighter background color.