Blue-Cream Longhair - Longhaired Cats

A coat that is a pleasing mixture of mottled cream and pale blue-grey has ensured this breed's enormous popularity. The way in which colour genes are inherited means that male Blue-Cream Longhairs are rare, and almost invariably sterile.

The result of mating Blues and Creams, longhaired blue-cream cats appeared in litters in the early days of pedigree breeding. They were not accorded official recognition in Great Britain, however, until as late as 1930.

The Blue-Cream is considered more outgoing than many Longhairs, but is equally affectionate and amenable.

There are no varieties, although the US standard differs. Whereas in Great Britain a gentle intermingling of the two colours is desired, in the US the blue and cream should form clearly defined patches.

Broad and round, with a snub nose and blue nose pad.

Large and round; colour should be deep, brilliant copper or orange.

Small and round tipped. Ear tufts.

Facial Characteristics
Blue-Cream Longhair

Blue-Cream Longhair
The best examples of this breed have a build that is a near-perfect example of the cobby Longhair type.

Very solid and cobby.

The colour should be a soft mixture of pastel shades of blue and cream.

Short and bushy, usually carried uncurved and lower than the line of the back.

Short and thick.

The paws and large and round; the colour of the pads should be blue. Toe tufts.