Tiffany - Longhaired Cats

Picture: Tiffany

A cat that is essentially a longhaired Burmese, the Tiffany has the elegant combination of a modified Foreign or Oriental body type with a luxuriously long, silky coat.

Tiffany kittens are born a color that has been described as “cafĂ© au lait”. The darker, mature, coat develops gradually, but is usually still slightly lighter in tone than for a Burmese.

Produced from crossing Burmese cats with Longhairs, the Tiffany is still relatively unknown – even in the US, where it was originally developed by North American breeders and cat fanciers.

As a hybrid breed, the Tiffany displays a range of inherited characteristics: it has the gentleness typical of a Longhair, but with the more outgoing and inquisitive personality associated with Shorthairs.

Although there are a number of Burmese varieties, only one colour is recognized in the US for the Tiffany: the original brown or Sable. There is a move in Great Britain, however, toward the recognition of a greater number of varieties.

Apart from the length of the coat, all the other features of the breed should be the same as the Burmese.

Medium in size; more muscular and rounded than a Siamese.

The fur is long and silky, and should be a warm sable brown in color.

Medium in length and bushy.

Long and slim, in proportion to the body.

The paws are oval to round with brown paw pads.

Rounded, with a shortish nose, brown nose pad and firmly rounded chin.

Rounded to slightly slanted, set wide apart, the color should be golden.

Medium in size, they should be slightly rounded at the tips and set well apart. Ears tilt forward.

Facial Characteristics