New Longhairs - Longhaired Cats

Cat breeders never cease in their endeavours to create yet more beautiful variations on the longhaired theme. Recent developments include the Golden Longhairs and the Cymric.

The Chinchilla Golden and the shaded Golden were bu-products of the Chinchilla breeding programme. Often referred to as "Brownies", they appeared regularly in the litters of Silvers, but were mostly petted out. They have achieved show status only within the last ten years or so. The Cymric is essentially a longhaired Manx and was developed during the 1960s from mutant kittens that were born from time to time in some American Manx litters. They were first recognized in 1980.

Other new Longhairs include the delightful Lilac-Cream, Chocolate Tortoiseshell, Golden Tabby, and Golden Torbie. The Cymric is bred in most Manx colour.

Chinchilla Golden Longhair
As with all varieties of Chinchilla, the Golden requires a great deal of preparation if the coat is to be shown to best advantage.

A cobby, solid type.

The fur is silky, thick, and dense. The colour should be rich cream, with seal-brown or black tipping.

Short, thick, and furry.

The paws are large and round with seat-brown paw pads.

Short and bushy.

Round and broad, with a snub nose and rose-coloured nose pad.

Large and round, green or blue-green in colour. Eyes are outlined in brown.

Small and round-tipped with ear tufts.

Facial Characteristics
Chinchilla Golden Longhair.

"Cymric" is Welsh for "Welsh", although the breed has no known connection with the land of leeks and laver bread! it is exactly the same as the tailless Manx, but for a medium-long, soft, heavy coat.

Shaded Golden Longhairs
Long, silky, fur, and a mantle of black tipping over a warm-cream undercoat, makes for a rich combination that is bringing these cats increasingly before the public eye.