Cream Longhair - Longhaired Cats

Before the standard was modified, this luxurious animal was required to be the color of Devonshire cream, a description that suits perfectly the glamorous good looks of the breed.

The first Cream Longhair probably originated from an off-white variety of the early Angoras. Latter, accidental matings between Blue and Red Tabbies, produced some pale individuals that were not taken seriously by British breeders, who nicknamed them "spoiled Oranges"' a reference to the fact that Red Longhairs were known as Oranges. American breeders were, wisely, not so dismissive of the cream-colored cats, and began to develop the variety. Breeding in Great Britain did not begin in earnest until the 1920s.

An even-tempered and friendly cat.

There are no varieties.

Broad and round with a snub nose and pink nose pad. Full cheeks.

Large and round should be rich copper in color.

Small and round-tipper.

Facial Characteristics
Cream Longhair

Cream Longhair: Probably because they tend to have small litters, Cream are less numerous than most other breeds of Longhairs.

A sturdy, cobby type.

The fur is dense and silky. The American standard stipulates a color of buff cream; in Britain shades range from buttermilk through rich cream to pale honey. Color of coat must be sound to the roots.

Short and bushy.

Sturdy and short.

The paws are large and round and should have pink pads.