Chocolate and Lilac Longhairs - Longhaired Cats

This stunning pair represent a triumph of selective breeding, and might be considered the ultimate"designer" cats: the warm brown tones of the Chocolate and the pinkish dove-grey coat of the Lilac would make a charming decorative addition to any interior colour scheme.

Breeders did not seriously consider developing a chocolate-coloured Longhair until breeding programmes for Colourpoints produced solid-coloured kittens in the same litter. Early examples had fur that was prone to fade and bleach, weak eye colour, noses that tended to be too long, and ears that were too tall. It took several years before the colour was made more stable, the type improved, and a standard was able to be laid down. If anything, the Lilac Longhair, which was produced by introducing blue genes into breeding lines, proved even more elusive, and it is still relatively rare. At one stage, these cats were categorized in the US as solid-coloured Himalayans or Kashmirs, but there descriptions have now been dropped by most associations.

Having inherited some of the Siamese blood carried by their Colourpoint relations, Chocolates and Lilacs tend to be more outgoing and inquisitive than is usual for Longhairs.

There are no varieties of the Chocolate or the Lilac Longhair.

Round and broad, with a snub nose. Full cheeks.

Small, round-tipped, and set wide apart with ear tufts.

Large and round; colour should be orange or copper.

Facial Characteristics
Lilac Longhair.

A cobby, chunky, solid type.

The fur should be silky, lush, and thick; colour should be pinkish dove-grey or lavender.
Colour should be sound to be roots and there should be no sign of a pale undercoat.

Short and thick.

The paws are large and round with pink paw pads.

Short and bushy.

Although breeders experienced early difficulties in achieving the desired cobby build for the Chocolate, once those problems had been overcome, producing a Lilac of good type, if not of good colour, was comparatively straightforward.

Chocolate Longhair
A bi-product of the Colourpoint breeding programme, this cat should have a thich, medium to dark chocolate-brown coat, brown nose and paw pads, and orange or copper-coloured eyes.

Lilac Longhair
The Lilac is an example of a recently developed Longhair and illustrates beautifully the aesthetic possibilities of "man-made" varieties.