Cameo Longhair - Longhaired Cats

Tortie Cameo Longhair: Black, red, and cream tips combine in the Tortie Cameo to produce a stunning, luxurious coat.

Like that of the Chinchilla, the Cameo's attractiveness stems from the contrast between its white undercoat and its tipped guard hairs, which can be red, cream, tabby, or tortie.

A breeding program for Comeos was established in the US during the 1950s. Originally produced from smoke and Tortoiseshell pairings, Cameos can now count other colours in their lineage.

Languorous and amenable.

The extent to which the tipping is distributed along the length of the Cameo's hair shaft varies to produce different and dramatic coats. Shell varieties have short coloured tips that give a subtle misty effect, Shaded Cameos have longer coloured tips that glint against the white, and Smoke varieties have such long tips that the white undercoat cannot be seen until the cat moves.

Varieties MarkingsEyes
Red Shell CameoShort red tipsCopper
Red Shaded CameoLonger red tipsCopper
Red Smoke CameoLongest red tipsCopper
Cream Shell CameoShort cream tipsCopper
Cream Shaded CameoLonger cream tipsCopper
Cream Smoke CameoLongest cream tipsCopper
Blue-Cream CameoIntermingled tipping
in two colours
Tortie CameoBlack, red, cream tipsCopper
Tabby CameoCream, red tipsCopper

Round and broad, with a snub nose that should have a pink nose pad. Firm chin.

Large and round. Colour should be deep orange or brilliant copper.

Small and round-tipped. Ear tufts.

Facial Characteristics
Tortie Cameo Longhair

Cream Shaded Cameo Longhair
The nearly matching coat and eye colour of the Cream Shaded create an irresistible combination. As in all varieties, the deepest colour should be confined to the mask, along the back, and on the legs and feet.

A typical cobby type. Full neck ruff

The fur is silky, thick, and dense. The colour must be white with cream tips.

Short and bushy, carried uncurved, usually lower than the line of the back.

Short and firm.

Paws are large and round with pads that should be pink.