Pewter Longhair - Longhaired Cats

The colouring of this exquisite cat resembles that of the Shaded Silver variety of Chinchilla, with which it is sometimes confused. It has a similar handsome white coat, subtly shaded with black over the head, back, flanks, legs, and tail to give the effect of a pewter mantle. Its eye colour is different, however, being right orange or brilliant copper.

New Longhairs are being developed all the time, among which the Pewter must rank as one of the most attractive. On first inspection it may look like a Shaded Silver CHinchilla, ut orange or copper-coloured eyes are a distinguishing feature that firmly identifies the reed.

The Pewter Longhair was produced as a result of crossing Chinchillas, Blues, and Blacks.

This is an exceptionally affectionate and even-tempered cat.

There are no varieties.

Round and road with a snub nose. Brick-red nose pad.

Very large and round, either orange or copper in colour with Black eye rims.

Small, round-tipped, and tufted, with a good width between them.

Facial Characteristics
Pewter Longhair.

Pewter Longhair
"Pewter" describes perfectly the colour of the breed's tipped mantle.

Pewter Longhair

A chunky, coby type.

Silky, thick, and dense. Colour is white with subtle black tipping.

Flat profile.

Short and thick. Shorter hair on forelegs.

Short with a full brush. Guard hairs of the tail are delicately tipped in black.

The paws are large and round with rick-red pads.

When it is lying down, the Pewter's thick, luxurious, coat and full frill make it virtually impossible to discern the cat's cobby build. With Long guard hairs.

A pewter that is destined for the show ring ideally should have a full neck ruff that extends into a deep frill between the front legs.