White Longhair - Longhaired Cats

Blue-eyed White Longhair: Both longhaired and shorthaired white cats have varieties that are categorized by eye colors.

To its devoted followers, the White Longhair combines all the virtues of its type: glamour, a noble expression, fur that is silky to the touch, and a sweet, tranquil nature. Nor, apart from daily grooming, does it need any special care.

Although pure white cats of the Angora type were the first Longhairs to be introduced into Europe as long ago as the sixteenth century, the modern White Longhair is of Victorian origin. It was developed by crossing Angoras with Persians. The breed was first shown in London in 1903, and has increased in popularity ever since, particularly in the US.

White Longhairs are fastidious cats who take great pride in their appearance, regularly cleaning themselves. They are calm and affectionate, and make a superb pet for those confined indoors - a classic salon cat.

Varieties are defined by their eye color: these cats can be blue-eyed, orange-eyed or odd-eyed (one blue, one orange). The blue-eyed variety is genetically predisposed to deafness. In odd-eyed cats, deafness may be apparent on the blue-eyed side.

Should be round and broad with a snub nose and a pink nose pad.

Should be neat and small with rounded tips, set far apart and low on the head.

Large, round and full. Color should be brilliant blue, orange or copper, with both eyes having an equal depth of color.

Facial Characteristics
White Longhair.

A typical, sturdy, cobby type.

The fur is lush and silky, and should form an immense neck ruff. The color needs to be a pure, glistening white.

Short and bushy, carried uncurved and generally at an angle lower than the line of the back.

Sturdy, short, and thick.

The paws should be large and round with pink pads.