Non-pedigree Shorthairs

All cats, pedigree or crossbred, are aristocrats, with blood lines that run back to the sacred cats of the Pharaohs – the humble “moggie” no les than the most dignified of Grand Champions. All have their own individuality, but share the same charm, elegance, and feline mystique.

Shorthaired cats have graced human society for thousands of years, and were differentiated from pedigree types only in the late nineteenth century, when the best examples of British street cats were selectively bred for showing.

Moggies are the original fireside companions, chosen not for their venerable parentage, but because they are appealing and lovable in their own right. In a receptive household, all make firm and lasting friendships.

“Varieties” are dependent only on the ingenuity and resourcefulness of mother nature.

British Non-pedigree Ginger-and-White Shorthair
The scientific principle of “hybrid vigour” may give non-pedigree cats, such as this obviously robust example, a more hardy constitution than pedigree cats that are bred solely for the show bench.

British Non-pedigree Ginger-and-White Shorthair

Strong and muscular.

Short and dense.

Short and thick with ringed tail.

Short and well-proportioned.

The paws are large and round with pink paw pads.

Broad and round, with a short, straight nose with pink nose pad.
- Faint tabby markings.

Large and round.

Medium un size and round-tipped.

Facial Characteristics
British Non-pedigree Ginger-and-White Shorthair

Although the patching is uneven, and there are obvious tabby markings, the contented dignity of this Ginger-and-White quells any nation of its being a poor relation to its pedigree counterpart.

British Non-pedigree Tabby Shorthair

British Non-pedigree Tabby Shorthair
Excellent for camouflage in the wild, tabby markings form the basic feline coat pattern. Because tabby genes are dominant, more moggies are seen with this type of coat than any other.

American Non-pedigree Silver Shorthair
The American moggie has its own, unique, attraction.