Grooming (page 3) - Keeping A Cat

If your cat’s coat gets very dirty you should give it a wet or a dry bath.

If your cat violently objects to water, give it a dry bran bath. Use this method only on shorthaired cats which are not too dirty. First heat half to one kilogram (one to two pounds) of bran in an oven at 150C (302F) for twenty minutes. The stand your cat on a newspaper and massage the warm bran into its coat. When you have covered all the fur with the bran, comb it out.

Washing by the wet method is shown in these photographs. You will be lucky if your cat behaves as calmly as this one!

Picture 1: Cat being poured on water at blood heat

1 Use a bowl, sink or bath. Close all windows and doors. Put a rubber mat in the bath to stop the cat slipping. Pour on water at blood heat (test the temperature with your elbow).

Picture 2: Shampoo being poured onto cat's coat

2 Pour on some non-irritant baby or cat shampoo while holding the cat firmly with your other hand.

Picture 3: Cat having shampoo worked into its coat

3 Work up a lather in the coat by massaging gently with your fingers. Take particular care with the head, and avoid getting water or lather in the ears and eyes.

Picture 4: Shampoo rinsed off its body

4 Rinse thoroughly with warm water – a spray attachment is useful for this.

Picture 5: Wrap the cat in a warm towel

5 Wrap the cat in a large, warm towel.

Picture 6: Wash face with cotton wool or a soft cloth

6 Now wash the face with cotton wool or a soft cloth dipped in warm water.

Picture 7: Keep it warm, wrap it in a large towel

7 Keep the cat in a warm place until completely dry. A hair-dryer, if it doesn’t upset the cat can be used – check the heat with your hand. Then comb the dry fur out.