The most beautifully produced cat book ever: Over 500 specially commissioned full-colour photography bring each cat to life, showing its natural positions and describing its outstanding characteristics. Plus a wealth of practical advice and information on grooming, breeding, showing and cat-care.

The Ultimate Cat Book is the book every cat-lover has been waiting for. Never before in one volume have the wisdom, majesty, mystery, grace and beauty of these extraordinary animals been so dramatically and evocatively captured. Superb, specially commissioned full-colour photography of each of the top breeds has caught them at their most natural - their distinctive expressions, positions and characteristic poses - revealing more clearly than in any other book why cats are such remarkable creatures and why they are, and have always been, loved and revered by so many mullions of people. Over 100 breeds and varieties, including longhairs and shorthairs, are given these stunning full-page profiles, along with a detailed description of their history, temperament and physical characteristics.

But The Ultimate Cat Book is even more: it is practical. Not only does it offer illustrated step-by-step guidance on all the basics of cat care - from grooming to the treatment of common ailments - it also provides specific advice on how to enter the fascinating world of breeding and showing and how to master the professional tricks of the trade.

Anecdotes describing the inspiring and sometimes mystical roles the cat has played in history, art and religion, and a fascinating chapter on what makes a cat a cat, with particular reference to its highly developed senses, make this a truly comprehensive book for everyone who loves cats. Written by the distinguished vet, David Taylor, The Ultimate Cat Book is attractive, beautiful and useful - in short, the ultimate cat book.


* The Essential Cat

* Breeds

* Keeping A Cat

* Reproduction

* Showing